Thetoo Is Why I’m Rooting For ROOT

ROOT Gaming’s new acquisition, Thet “Thetoo” Oo (@dotathetoo), is the singular reason why I’m rooting for ROOT in the Frankfurt Major Qualifier.

After losing Waga due to connection issues and monkeys-forever to Team Archon, ROOT Gaming picked up Thetoo and KvH to fill the vacant positions just in time to win the second open qualifier.

In a post-game interview with up-and-coming Australian caster @LlamaDownUnder, Thetoo called himself the “Best player NA Dota” and that he will “win TI in the next 5 years”. He then accuses teammate Erik “DurpDurp” Bamboo of “crying the whole time” during the match, but the ending has to be my favorite part.

I cannot be the only one who wants ROOT to qualify just so we can see this man interviewed on camera in Frankfurt.


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