HCWP Wins First American Frankfurt Major Open Qualifier

Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho of HCWP
Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho of HCWP

The High Council of Wizards and Priests dominate Boreal Esports 2-0 to win the first American open qualifier after a near perfect run through the tournament, dropping only a single game in the semi-finals to the Peruvian TLC gaming.

Game 1 was a controlled 33 minute win with HCWP never giving up their lead. Game 1 Details

Many believe that Boreal lost game 2 during the drafting phase, opting for a last pick Storm Spirit, which has not seen significant professional play since the release of patch 6.85. Fights went back and forth, which meant little with HCWP’s superior map control losing only a single tower during the 26 minute match. Game 2 Details

This result is hardly surprising given the veteran status of the team’s roster which includes Demon, Mason, and Fogged. The true test will be waiting for them in the Americas qualifier where they will face Cloud 9, Digital Chaos and Team Archon who have had much stronger performances since their rosters debuted just a month ago.


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