Empire Wins First EU Frankfurt Major Open Qualifier


Empire demonstrates their updated roster’s strength after taking the series 2-1 over Big Red Machine after an eight match marathon over two days.

Big Red Machine wins the first match in just under an hour with unkillable core late game heroes Tiny and Shadow Fiend. This match demonstrates the Russian Underdogs’ inability to close out games with a large lead. Match 1 Details

Empire evens up the score in a sub 30-minute stomp. BRM first picks Tiny, which prompts Empire to first pick the Shadow Fiend in response. Yoky goes on to carry the game with an impressive 7/1/4 KDA. Match 2 Details

Empire takes the series with another sub 30-minute game with Yoky and Silent carrying the game on Shadow Fiend(9/2/16) and Phantom Assassin(12/1/8) respectively. Match 3 Details

Yoky returns to Empire’s roster just over a month after leaving

Hopefully the acquisition of their captain NoFear and the return of Yoky to the roster will continue to provide positive results as they compete in the main qualifier against tough competition such as (monkey) Business and 5Jungz,


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