INTERVIEW: Post-game with GSL caster Wolf Schröder

Picture taken from Wolf's Twitter
Picture taken from Wolf’s Twitter

Wolf Schröder (@proxywolf) is best known for his work commentating GSL Code A and the GSTL alongside Thomas “Khaldor” Kilian. He has casted over 100 foreign tournaments and was the creator of the Open Wolf Cup, which ran back in the Starcraft II beta. I am honored to have had the opportunity to speak to Wolf after the match about his thoughts on the state of New Star HoSeo, Jjakji’s performance against Axiom-Acer, and what we can expect from Ryung in the future.

EV: New Star HoSeo has had poor results throughout the season  and have not had any big results since Jjakji won Code S over a year and a half ago. Do you believe the team can continue to exist in Starcraft without the results they so desperately need?

Wolf: If they continue to have the support from sponsors at the university or whoever is really supporting them behind the scenes then they’ll just exist for as long as that support is still there. So far, since they’ve always been kind of a team that struggled for a really really long time, I mean even over a year now, and they’re still existing, I think that probably that will continue because the results they have had in the past are so bad that I think that if they were going to disband because of that reason they would have already disbanded. I expect them to stick around a little bit longer for sure.

EV: Jjakji’s performance today may hint at him making a comeback in competitive Starcraft 2. Do you believe he can compete at the highest level again, or was that just Axiom-Acer caught off guard by his aggressive style?

Wolf: I think he’s definitely on the up-and-up. Just after watching today’s matches it’s hard to conclude that, but because he did so well in the qualifiers, and he’s beaten some really good players, I think he could definitely make it into the premier league again. It’s all up to his Code A performance.

EV: With Ryung’s impressive performance in the GSTL, do you believe he will able to achieve some well deserved recognition in the WCS this season, or will he be completely overshadowed once again by players like Flash or Innovation?

Wolf: It just depends on how he does. He’s a really inconsistent player at times, but right now in the team league he’s on fire. Next season hasn’t started just yet for him, so I could definitely see him being up there, but I don’t think he’ll ever be at the same level as Flash or Innovation unless he’s competing in the premier league in Korea. (Ryung is competing in WCS NA)

EV: Who is the real superior wolf, you or Suppy?

 Wolf: Obviously me!


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