The Inaugural Post

These people worked hard to be on this wall
These people worked hard to be on this wall

My college is free. Actually, it is more than free. Every student in my school receives $7,500 and is required to use it for either: paying our way through unpaid internships, or studying abroad. Many would agree this is an easy choice. Would you rather be an office bitch, or go to Argentina to skip class, sleep on the beach, and party all night? So for my own study abroad opportunity, I chose to spend a summer in Seoul, South Korea. Many people have asked me, “Why did you pick Seoul? I bet you have yellow fever.”

What I Tell People

– The food is incredible

– The culture is really interesting

– One of my friends explained that this opportunity should be used to go somewhere you wouldn’t normally go for vacation, and considering airfare to Korea, I wouldn’t normally come here over a much cheaper ticket to Europe or to visit family and friends in Chile.

– I have travelled to Europe and Chile many times and even though the cultures have many differences, they’re all the same at heart. I want to experience something completely new.

The Truth

– All of the above


Why Bother Blogging About E-Sports?

When I was 8 years old I got my first computer. The first thing I did was install my brother’s copy of X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter. When I found out that it could be played with other people online, I joined the channel for it on MSN Zone. Then I joined the United Pilot’s Alliance and participated in many clan wars while pretending to be 13 because I thought that was the most acceptable and believable age in online gaming. When I was 9 a gaming cafe opened up in my neighborhood and I started going there everyday at lunchtime instead of eating to play Unreal Tournament because there was no way I could get my hands on a rated M game. As the owners got to know me, they introduced me to Counter-Strike and I fell in love. By 13 I was beating all the kids in my neighborhood and playing in Cal-o because I wasn’t nearly as good as I thought I was.

I stopped constantly gaming besides a few affairs with MMOs and focused on making music. When Starcraft II came out, my best friend Simon called me and said “Dude, you have to get this fucking game. It’s so fucking good. Oh my fucking god.” At the time I was a freshman in college and focusing more on my grades and getting wasted than anything else, but my curiosity was piqued. A few weeks after that call I was sitting in the school’s library and was getting really tired of reading about the evils of advertising and decided to watch YouTube videos of Starcraft. That’s when I learned about the incredible world of competitive gaming. I watched the National Geographic documentary about Xell0s attempting to win a second consecutive WCG in 2005 and immediately bought the game and have been hooked to e-sports ever since.

After studying computer science for three years and working as a programmer for two of them, I realized that my heart wasn’t in it. It was a field that anyone with a logical mind could succeed in, but to be truly great I needed to put all my energy into constantly learning new things about a subject that I was not completely in love with. Now I’m left with very little direction. I changed my major to Media with a concentration in Animation with no real end-goal with this field besides the fact that I would love to one day be involved with either cartoons or e-sports.

Enough With Your Life Story. Why Are You Blogging?

I was at a barcraft in Manhattan with some of my fellow officers of my college’s e-sports club watching the WCS 2013 Season 1 NA Finals. After not too long, Mr. Bitter and Rotterdam came in followed by Axeltoss, Axslav, mOOnGLaDe, HerO, Alive, Revival, CranK, Snute, Alicia, and Ryung. I got to have a drink with the Australian hero, have a smoke with Liquid’Hero, and talk to Rotti about the state of the NASL.  This was a great day for an e-sports fan boy, but one question kept coming up in my mind: how do I get involved? I posed this question to SchAmToo, Mr. Bitter, and John – the man behind the barcraft. Everyone said the same thing: Make content and work your ass off. This is something that I’ve read a million times on Reddit. I wanted to know the secret. I wanted to know that magical thing that would secure my spot in the industry. I’m too arrogant to accept that hard work will get me where I want to go, and that one day I will just be in the center, doing important e-sports things. The truth is that I am not better than Day[9], a person who went out of his way to make a daily web-show about a topic that he loved and that most people do not care about. I am not better than Artosis who moved to Seoul to provide a plethora of content about the Korean Starcraft scene for a small community on the internet. And tonight, after watching Leenock and Life get knocked out of WCS 2013 Season 2 live from the OGN studio, I asked DoA the same question to which he replied: “Make content and work your ass off”.


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